Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a secured by design blockchain adoption.

This is the way to:

Develop your security skills

Get a job

Assess your security

Protect your investments

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LEARN and become an Expert

We are PhD Security Researchers and teaching is our passion. We usually get 5/5 valuation from our students as your transformation become our responsibility. Our learning toolkit will also allow you to learn and improve your blockchain security skills faster. Open for great hackers with great teaching & communication skills to become instructors and get paid for it. This is a joint community effort. Become the next millionaire bug hunter.

Security JOBS Marketplace

All alumni will benefit from potential market opportunities to work with us but also to work with our partners as part of a security job marketplace. And this is a tremendous growing market for cybersecurity experts where salaries are usually aligned with the risks you would be protecting. Check out bug bounties hall of fame paychecks by Immunefi as an example.

Security Audits

Improve your own security against latest security risks. We offer different services, ranging from specific security audits to ongoing security processes which will help you to reduce your risk exposure exponentially along the time.

Risk Assessments

Security must be checked before and during any relevant investment deal or partnership. We provide you a new decision making tool in the format of an Executive Due Diligence Report to have an overview of the main security risks of your new deal in a win-win format, as the team will benefit a lot from it as well.

About Us & Our Work

Get to know us

We are Security Researchers with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity as well as former Chief Security Officers of “un-hacked” Blockchain DeFi protocols.

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Control room

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a secured by design blockchain adoption.


We envision real economic freedom for all by using real decentralized trustless “secure” applications.


Our values are and will always be based on ethics and integrity. We will do our best to inspire all hackers to hack and innovate for good as well as we will take care of as much retail users as we could to raise their awareness to the safest level possible.
In addition to this, we will contribute 10% of our business income and time for charity either by direct donation or pro-bono services.

Our Skills & Expertise

What we’re good at

We believe that the world is very small, especially in the security industry. We almost know each other. For that reason it is well known that our skills & expertise are based on the following main pillars:

Ethics & Integrity 0

Technical Skills 0

Strategy, Vision & Executive Management 0

Improve your skills, get paid as instructor or get a job


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Quotes & Testimonials

What they said

We know that you want to see what others think about working with us, and you know what? It is legit and quite normal. For that reason we will be updating this section with the most relevant testimonials that could have been in the same situation as you are today. We know that it will help you to better understand if we can or we can´t help you.

Testimonial 2

"Professionalism & creative approach"

We had a great time working with you, and we really appreciate your professionalism and approach.

-O. Finance

Testimonial 1

"Amazing work"

I never saw such an in-depth DD in crypto. Amazing work 🙏


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