Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a secured by design blockchain adoption.

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Raul Riesco CEO Mandalorian Security

Raúl Riesco, CEO
Mandalorian Security

After more than 23 years of experience in cybersecurity working for top multinational companies either private or public, hacking, researching and teaching, I started my own entrepreneurial experience in 2021 as co-Founder of Babylon Finance, a community led asset management DeFi protocol, a team formed by top talents around the world coming from OpenZeppelin, YCombinator, Telefónica, etc.


After a spiral of death caused by the crypto winter last June 2022 together with the Rari Fuse Hack reimbursement veto’ed by the FEI team, Babylon Finance was open sourced and started an unwind process to shut down operations.


It is worth mentioning that Babylon Finance was never hacked, so as Chief Security Officer I am very proud of Babylon Finance security processes.


It protected the protocol from several unintentional internal risks as well as from every “external hack intents” considering the tremendous number of attacks we received so far and their sophistication vs. being a small team.


Taking into account the web3 increasing risk trend and my hands on lab experience in web3/DeFi security , I decided to “keep going in the space” and create “Mandalorian Security” to expand my own contribution to as much teams/protocols/businesses and hackers as possible in order to allow a future massive safety adoption.


Mandalorian Security mission is then to accelerate the world’s transition to a secured by design blockchain adoption.


Stay tuned!

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