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Blockchain Security Masterclass

Free Masterclass about Blockchain Security Fundamentals (spanish language only).

Take Advantage of the...


Web3, NFT, Metaverse, all of them using SMARTCONTRACTS. The BIGGEST PAYOUT EVER of USD 10MM in 2022 for a white hacker reporting a smartcontract vulnerability. 36% of smartcontracts deployed during 2022. Networks increasing up to 800% their usage and massive adoption incoming. At the same time hundreds of millions of HACKS almost every month. There is a BIG increasing SHORTAGE in Web3 Security Professionals. Our ACADEMY is your perfect tool to take advantage of the revolution. THIS IS THE WAY...
Blockchain Security Master Program


We have seen several white hackers still with no real coding skills working in the cybersecurity sector during last 20 years. It is not a real requisite for most of the roles out there. Web3 is different, you MUST have them. The good news is that everyone can have them, you just need 2 things: OPEN MINDSET (no matter if you are a teenager, a sales person, a lawyer, an investor or an economist to learn and understand Solidity...) + GREAT TEACHERS like our instructors. THIS IS THE WAY.
Blockchain Security Master Program
You MUST know the


No matter if you are already working in cybersecurity or in Web3 as developer. Web3 Cybersecurity is special. As a requisite for any web3 white hacker, you must know the limits of the technology first. THIS IS THE WAY.
Blockchain Security Master Program
You MUST have deep KNOWLEDGE on


Hundreds of USD millions have been stolen this year. You MUST have deep decentralized finance understanding to understand most of the attacks. There is a great shortage of white hackers professionals however you must become a ``financial`` hacker if you want to be really useful. DeFi is a revolution also for malicious actors, and it is different from standard finance. THIS IS THE WAY.
Blockchain Security Master Program
Gamification learning by real


You MUST interact with REAL smartcontracts and execute the attacks by yourself (Red Team) to better understand how to protect them (Blue Team). Our learning framework will allow you to become PURPLE (Red + Blue). You will play CTFs as well as run production smartcontracts in test (forked) environments to become an expert SAFELY without causing any real harm. THIS IS THE WAY.
Blockchain Security Master Program
Your Greatest JOB Opportunity


Take this transformation very seriously as it will change your entire life. Greatest job salaries (200K-500K * a year for senior security experts) in one of the biggest market opportunities. 36% of all smartcontracts have been deployed this year, more than 12K dApps deployed and chains increasing usage between 100 and 800%!. You cannot miss this huge opportunity. Learn from real experienced experts in Web3 DeFi Security who has protected real DeFi Protocols from hacks and get their real hands on expertise. Expensive certificates can come later, now it is time for practical learning from those who fought real threats. THIS IS THE WAY.
Blockchain Security Master Program

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