Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to a secured by design blockchain adoption.

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Faq & Help

Our success goes after yours. Our customers are the most important asset for us. If these FAQs are not enough, please use the contact form.
Where is my order?

You should have received an email with all your order details. In case it is not shown in your inbox, please check the SPAM folder as well as the introduced email address (some times it had some typo). Anyway, you can contact us by DM using any of the available channels (ex. top bar in the home page)

Where do you ship?

All content is online so we do not send any material. We anyway work globally either in Spanish or English.

Which are the contents of the training program?

Each training program is different. In case you have any problem to get them in our website or course list, please contact us by DM (contact details are in the top bar of homepage).

Why has my order been cancelled?

If your order has been cancelled it might be possible that there was a problem with your payment. Contact us if the payment was successful and the problem persist.

Why my discount code is not working?

If your discount code does not work it is likely that it is no longer available. Please contact us if this is not the expected behavior.

Which payments options are available?

We are working to have as many payment options available to help our customers. We are currently supporting credit card, Apple Pay and Paypal. In the coming future, there will be more options available. If your preferred option is not available please let us know and we will try to do our best for the future.

Which languages are supported?

We support both English and Spanish.

For us, People Is First.

In case there are still doubts after checking this FAQ & Help section, please contact us by using the following form:

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